Bio: I write, or at least try to, and read about 60 books a year, both tree and e-. The rules are: if it was a great book, a book where you leave the last page and reality is a darker place for it, a book where the end makes you miss your new friends, a book that leaves you unable to connect with another for the length of a superficial bereavement curve, then it stays. Anything else gets culled. The last book cull was seven boxes of assorted written material. The largest cull was 1800 books. I'm interested in... Learning my letters, improving my fist, and working on how to manipulate two of the three R's. (However, it's worrying that the Government appears to spell the cornerstones of education as Reading, Riting and Rithmatic. Fret not, Children of Britain: you will be edjumacated!) This blog is intended as a practice area for developing my amateurish writing skills. All constructive criticism gratefully received.

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