About The Rogue Writers’ Chapter

The Rogue Writers’ Chapter is a writers’ group in East Hertfordshire.

The Chapter’s objective is to provide a supportive, positive and constructive environment in which we can share our work and continually develop our creative writing skills.

We’re a small group of differing people who first met at Hatfield University’s Creative Writing course. We may sound like a bunch of bikers, however in truth we’re just suckers for a spot of word play.

We meet on the first Tuesday of every month to talk about writing, read our work to each other and receive – and give – considered feedback.  Members are working on short stories, novels, poetry…. alongside the nitty-gritty of structure, plot points, arc and beyond. 

We’re always on the lookout for new people (over 18) who are actively developing their writing skills and can contribute positively to the Chapter. We’re known for being a welcoming crew; if you’re interested in joining us, please contact me through this blog.

What’s this blog about?

  • Getting the juices flowing
  • Writing related ponderances and discussion outcomes
  • ‘Craft’ work
  • and other book/writing-related gibberish as the muse takes me.

2 responses to “About The Rogue Writers’ Chapter

  1. Sounds interesting. Will you soon be posting examples of some of the group’s work? This would be helpful in order to decide whether or not to join. At any rate, good luck with the blog.

    • I will certainly ask them if they are happy for me to post their work here. The next meeting will be in early March and I’ll report back on their answer. Thanks for your interest.

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